Gynecomastia Therapy Without Surgical Treatments

Undertaking male breast reduction without having an operation or taking medical pills, involves uncovering the triggers that lead to your gynecomastia in the first place, then eradicating them from your system permanently.

Gynecomastia is caused by an increase in the female hormone estrogen and a decrease in the male hormone testosterone. Anything that raises estrogen in your body or lowers testosterone therefore, can lead to the development of male breasts.

The sexual features of a man are set apart from that of a women largely by the action of the sex hormones, estrogen and testosterone. Testosterone is responsible for giving men their extra body hair and muscle during puberty, whereas estrogen gives women their breasts. If for whatever reason these levels are altered and a man finds himself with too much estrogen and lowered levels of testosterone, it will result in the development of breasts.

Gynecomastia can result from…

Medical conditions
Pharmaceutical drugs
Everyday exposure to hormone-altering chemicals
Normal sex-hormone discrepancies

If you really are considering treating your gynecomastia naturally I suggest you take a trip to see a health-care professional who can diagnose any potential underlying medical problems that may have lead to your body developing breasts. Also, if you happen to have been exposed to estrogen for prolonged periods of time, you may have develop breast glands that need to be removed via surgery. It is best for this to be diagnosed by your doctor.

Most cases however, are due to a natural hormonal imbalance. Hence, reducing man boobs naturally, by addressing these causative environmental factors, is usually the first course of action for a guy to take. Addressing the environmental factors that cause hormonal fluctuations leading to man boobs, is still important even if your doctor tells you you need surgery. You must reduce your man boobs first using natural methods BEFORE surgery, otherwise your man boobs will just grow back AFTER surgery.

I won’t lie to you and tell you that pharmaceutical drugs don’t work. The fact is that they do, yet it comes with unwanted side-effects and it isn’t the first option I would go for, as it has been shown that natural tactics bring quicker and better results, but without all the risks.

A ënaturalí hormonal imbalance can be caused by the widespread use of estrogen in the modern environment, with elevated quantities of estrogen available in many food groups and even in the water you drink. Estrogen is also abundant in the air in busy cities where car exhausts leave behind particles that make their way into your body through your lungs and exert an estrogen-like effect.

One important aspect of gynecomastia reduction is to avoid as many of these over-exposures to estrogen as possible, but to really benefit from a male-breast-reduction regime, you would have to also use specific methods that are designed to lessen those female hormones and heighten those male hormones.

The secret to reducing man boobs naturally involves the use of dietary manipulation and specific use of exercise routines that are known to increase circulating testosterone. When used together, it is not uncommon at all for a guy to get rid of those man boobs in a matter of weeks. To learn more about gynecomastia treatment without surgery, and everything you need to know about these natural male breast reduction tactics, I highly suggest you take a look at the following article How to Burn Chest Fat.


Utilising Purely Natural Methods To Handle Gynecomastia

Finding out how to get rid of moobs mandates the identification of the specific cause(s) of your condition and subsequently addressing these causes in a way that has helped other men to lose their gynecomastia.

Both lowered male sex hormones (most importantly, testosterone) and raised levels of female sex hormones (most importantly, estrogen) can lead to gynecomastia. Levels of estrogen and testosterone can be altered in this way by certain environmental triggers.

Estrogen and testosterone are both sex hormones that control sexual characteristics in men and women. In general, during puberty estrogen gives women their breasts and testosterone gives men their extra muscle and bone mass. If for whatever reason these levels are altered and a man finds himself with too much estrogen and lowered levels of testosterone, it will result in the development of breasts.

Factors that cause a guy to develop breasts can be classed in one of the below categories

Medical conditions
Drug abuse
Environmental factors
Hormonal fluctuations that happen during puberty
In 25% of cases, the cause is unknown

Working on getting a flat chest using the non-medical or surgical route does not negate the importance of first seeing your physician. I advise you to go and see your doctor to first rule out any serious medical causes for your gynecomastia. Also, if you happen to have been exposed to estrogen for prolonged periods of time, you may have develop breast glands that need to be removed via surgery. It is best for this to be diagnosed by your doctor.

Although it is important to see your doctor, it is far more likely that your male breasts were caused by something in your environment. Therefore in the vast majority of cases, the best way forward is to reduce those man boobs using natural methods. And even if your doctor does say that you need surgery, your best course of action would be to reduce your man boobs FIRST using natural methods.

There are a number of scientific papers that have demonstrated the efficacy of medical treatment for male breast reduction, however this is not something you can rely on in the long run and is just not a good idea, since you can achieve a perfectly masculine hormonal balance through natural methods alone.

Man boobs are most commonly caused by elevated estrogen, due to its use in the modern era, with elevated quantities of estrogen available in many food groups and even in the water you drink. Estrogen is also abundant in the air in busy cities where car exhausts leave behind particles that make their way into your body through your lungs and exert an estrogen-like effect.

To eliminate man boobs and get a flat chest, you can’t just rely on avoiding these sources of estrogen, but if you want to get the best results in the shortest time-span possible, you would also need to add in extra active strategies (on top of the former avoidance strategies) on bringing estrogen levels right down in your body.

These methods include both dietary tactics and exercises that when combined, can eliminate male breasts in just a few short weeks. To uncover some real proven tactics on natural gynecomastia reduction, click the link to read the article that follows Get Rid of Man Breasts

The right way to Eliminate Male Breasts – How I Finally Managed To Do It

Are you fed up of having man boobs? I was fed up too, and fed up of trying to lose them and failing time and time again! I finally managed to lose my man boobs when I stumbled upon the real hidden, underground answers to losing those man boobs. Especially after I learned the real working ways to get rid of man breasts.

I was totally spellbound by the results.

With the proper approach my chest was as flat as a baord in only weeks!

And I totally believe that you can do it too! In fact, with the right method and the right technique, there’s no way that you can’t lose those man boobs!. Losing man boobs involves a number of different factors, but if you master the one secret that’s responsible for 95% of failures, then your victory is assured.

A Little About Me And My Man Boobs

Well I’m Sammie. I’ve been trying to hide my man breasts ever since puberty. I remember being horrified of Physical Education in school where the guys would make fun of me in the shower, or simply see me running in my T-shirt with my booblets bouncing up and down like Pamela Anderson in Baywatch.

And all my summer holidays gone to waste! Doing nothing but staying home so nobody would see me wearing anything thin

Watching my mates talking, playing and swimming with the girls at the beach.

And let’s not forget…

All those embarrassing interactions with women! How could any woman consider me a man? Afterall I was carrying female body parts – I was a pseudo-man!

Women are dreaming about the guy on TV with ripped six-pack abs. What are the chances of you meeting a girl who dreams of having sex with a guy with man boobs?

When I finally decided I had enough, I got out there and began finding out everything I could on how to lose man boobs. All the information on the internet ñ in forums and websites points toward…

Mistake 1: Working out the chest muscles with weights.

Have you tried this before? If you have, then I hope you’ve realised by now that it’s hopeless! And incase you haven’t realized already… this method doesn’t work.

Not knowing this when I started out, I took the advice of well… almost everyone, and started going all out on the bench press.

I was really feeling the burn on every workout, and you would think that that burning feeling is fat burning away, but it’s not! It’s just a build-up of lactic acid which causes the sensation of burning in your muscles, nothing actually happens to the overlying fat, as I found out over time when my chest muscles were huge but the chest fat remained unchanged!.

So stop doing chest exercises and focus on something that is actually scientifically known to shed boob fat!

I discovered through my own experience that doing bench presses etc is in no way a cure for man boobs in itself. There’s much more involved, and it’s better to focus your efforts on what is known to work and known to work best..

Mistake NumberTwo: If I lose weight, then I’ll lose my man boobs…
This was harder than I thought! I started running, swimming, cycling, doing weights and going on a strict diet (boy was I eager to lose those man boobs!) And to my surprise, my man breasts started to flatten out! But it wasn’t until I lost fat from my bum, legs, arms, face, back and belly, so it took a bit of time but…

Those horrid man breasts finally started to thin out and disappear!!!

However this new diet and exercise routine was not something I could maintain. Imagine having a full time job and having to exercise over an hour every day of the week, and I’m talking some hardcore exercise, not just the ole walk in the park.

My life was based around work and exercise, I was spending so much time at the gym I had little time for anything else. It seemed that I couldn’t afford to do any less! Reducing my workout commitments would only see my manbreasts growing back! And there’s no way I could maintain that for much longer, I simply had to find another way!

Error Number3: I can’t lose my man boobs unless I buy that eBook on the internet, because it says so on the salespage…

By seeing the salespages, I was convinced the eBook they were promoting would have all the answers I was looking for! I could just add this special spice to my food and my man boobs would dissolve away! Wow! So I went out there and purchased all the eBooks I could find on losing man boobs. And to my disappointment time and time again, none of the books lived up to their sales page hype!

As unfortunate as it is, it’s apparent now that there just isn’t any good guide out there on how to lose man boobs. Not yet anyway..

So Then How DO You Lose Man Boobs?

Since nobody could help me I decided to do my own research (did I tell you I have a background in science ñ it finally came in handy for something).

I also advise you read my articles on… Best Chest Exercises for Men.

I’m Finally Free Now Having Struggled With Getting Rid Of Man Boobs For 30 Years!!

There’s nothing more wonderful than finally getting rid of man boobs after a long struggle, and being able to be that masculine self you’ve always wanted to be.

My life is so enriched now. Oh how astounding it feels to be able to wear anything you want and know that you look good! I can wear just a loose thin shirt to work and say goodbye to those thick tight vests underneath.

It’s wonderful how exhilarating life is when you don’t have to worry about the way you look! You can really start enjoying life for a change, because as soon as you start respecting yourself, you’ll find that you’re respected and liked by others around you – you can even get a handle on your love life, since having a masculine body and knowing it will really make you a serious candidate to women! I can happily say lose my man boobs was a truly triumphant episode in my life

I remember the days when getting ready for a day out and not being able to find a combination of clothing that would hide my man boobs. Rather than just going along, I’d call my friends and make up a lie about why I couldn’t make it! Those around me used to make fun of me occasionally. And being with a women wasn’t even in my reality! There’s no way she’d find me attractive – with my pants on, my body looked more like a woman’s body than a man’s!

Thanks to discovering the true secrets of how to lose manboobs permanently, I managed to get rid of my man boobs after a few weeks only. I was at last, free from the constant suffering that kept me hidden in my room on sunny days when everyone seemed to be having fun.

After trying and failing for so long, what is it that finally allowed me to eliminate my man boobs?

Well one thing I learned is that man boobs are a growing problem in the west. A century ago, there was almost no such thing as gynecomastia. Since it takes much longer than that for our genes to evolve, it’s safe to say that your genes aren’t to blame. However, what has changed singnificantly is your environment – what you take in in terms of food, water, inhalation, the use of cosmetics etc. It is largely your environment which is to blame for your man boobs. Your genes do have a role, in that not every guy in the same environment will develop man boobs – only those whose genes are susceptable to certain triggers in the environment. But since there’s nothing you can do about your genes, it’s best that you focus on changing your environment if you want to stand any chance of losing those man breasts.

To lose those man boobs, you must firstly find out what these environmental triggers are, and then do what you can to either change or avoid them. If you can do this and do it consistently just for a few weeks, you’ll start to see those man boobs finally fade away. I should warn you however, that this is a lifestyle that you must maintain, because as soon as you restart your current lifestyle, you’ll just be exposing yourself to the same man-boob forming chemicals, and your moobs will simply grow right back.

You might also want to check out the following article: Best Exercise to Lose Man Breasts.

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Sammie Fields’ Secret Tips On How To Get Rid Of Gynecomastia

The Secrets On How To Get Rid Of Gynecomastia By Sammie Fields

Gynecomastia, the development of breast tissue in men, is a result of an shift from a masculine hormonal predominance to shift toward feminine hormonal predominance.

Surgery does very little in the way of attacking the route of the issue, so whether or not you’re having surgery, you must learn about tactics on how to get rid of gynecomastia naturally and without surgery, as these are all about getting your hormone levels back to their natural masculine state.

“What techniques can I use to attack the root of the gynecomastia problem?”

In order to eliminate gynecomastia, it helps to know what causes it. Nobody had gynecomastia or man boobs in the past, and it’s not that are genes are evolving, because this is a process that takes thousands of years, and gynecomastia has been around for less than a century.

For the sake of convenience, saving money and resources, productivity etc, we have in the last 50 years or more, started to make use of chemicals in almost everything. Many of these chemicals have feminizing properties, and are found in our food, water and even in the air we breathe!

Oestrogen is absorbed in your gut, absorbed through your skin and inhaled through your lungs. Irrespective of the fact that these feminizing particles being used freely in our environment are the cause of the rise in a huge range of different cancers, including breast, ovarian and lung cancer, there is almost no government intervention to try and tackle the problem.

If the government thinks that productivity and convenience are more important than people dying of cancer, then it doesn’t take a genious to figure that it doesn’t care about your man boobs it’s up to you to do all that you can to cut -down your oestrogen intake.

And the good news is when you do it right, your man boobs will start to shrink and will eventually disappear.

“Tell me how I do this!”

Getting rid of man boobs involves getting rid of general body fat from all over the body This is because feminizing particles are stored in body-fat. Not only that, but body fat contains an enzyme called aromatase, which produces oestrogen from testosterone.

Since preservatives and other oestrogenic chemicals such as pesticides are used in almost all food groups to improve productivity, to help with transport of foods and improve shelf-life; getting rid of gynecomastia would require you to avoid all processed food and to instead, indulge in whole foods that are free of chemicals.. Also in many countries such as the USA, livestock is treated with oestrogen to make the animals grow fatter and produce more milk.