Utilising Purely Natural Methods To Handle Gynecomastia

Finding out how to get rid of moobs mandates the identification of the specific cause(s) of your condition and subsequently addressing these causes in a way that has helped other men to lose their gynecomastia.

Both lowered male sex hormones (most importantly, testosterone) and raised levels of female sex hormones (most importantly, estrogen) can lead to gynecomastia. Levels of estrogen and testosterone can be altered in this way by certain environmental triggers.

Estrogen and testosterone are both sex hormones that control sexual characteristics in men and women. In general, during puberty estrogen gives women their breasts and testosterone gives men their extra muscle and bone mass. If for whatever reason these levels are altered and a man finds himself with too much estrogen and lowered levels of testosterone, it will result in the development of breasts.

Factors that cause a guy to develop breasts can be classed in one of the below categories

Medical conditions
Drug abuse
Environmental factors
Hormonal fluctuations that happen during puberty
In 25% of cases, the cause is unknown

Working on getting a flat chest using the non-medical or surgical route does not negate the importance of first seeing your physician. I advise you to go and see your doctor to first rule out any serious medical causes for your gynecomastia. Also, if you happen to have been exposed to estrogen for prolonged periods of time, you may have develop breast glands that need to be removed via surgery. It is best for this to be diagnosed by your doctor.

Although it is important to see your doctor, it is far more likely that your male breasts were caused by something in your environment. Therefore in the vast majority of cases, the best way forward is to reduce those man boobs using natural methods. And even if your doctor does say that you need surgery, your best course of action would be to reduce your man boobs FIRST using natural methods.

There are a number of scientific papers that have demonstrated the efficacy of medical treatment for male breast reduction, however this is not something you can rely on in the long run and is just not a good idea, since you can achieve a perfectly masculine hormonal balance through natural methods alone.

Man boobs are most commonly caused by elevated estrogen, due to its use in the modern era, with elevated quantities of estrogen available in many food groups and even in the water you drink. Estrogen is also abundant in the air in busy cities where car exhausts leave behind particles that make their way into your body through your lungs and exert an estrogen-like effect.

To eliminate man boobs and get a flat chest, you can’t just rely on avoiding these sources of estrogen, but if you want to get the best results in the shortest time-span possible, you would also need to add in extra active strategies (on top of the former avoidance strategies) on bringing estrogen levels right down in your body.

These methods include both dietary tactics and exercises that when combined, can eliminate male breasts in just a few short weeks. To uncover some real proven tactics on natural gynecomastia reduction, click the link to read the article that follows Get Rid of Man Breasts